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How much does a bug sweep cost?

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If you are into spy or detective movies, you surely know how popular bugging devices are in them for the plot. However, these are not exclusive to only films, as they are a real threat to many people. Whether you suspect that your home, vehicle, or office is being bugged, using a professional bug-sweeping service like this is your best bet to eliminate any suspicion. Bugs are used to monitor individuals for several reasons, including custody cases, political campaigns, or legal battles. The technology around them has evolved considerably, but so have the bug-sweeping devices. To get the best service, make sure you don’t go for the ones sold online and get a professional’s help instead.

Below you can read more information about what precisely a bug-sweeping service is and what the costs are.

What is a bug-sweeping service?

A Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) or bug sweeping is used to locate illicit eavesdropping, surveillance, or bugging devices. Throughout history, the technology behind this has changed dramatically. Today there are many of these devices available for purchase, even online. The cost of a professional bug sweeper depends on the type of inspection carried out: commercial (corporate) or personal. 

1. Corporate bug sweep costs

Suppose you are concerned that your office is bugged. In that case, a bug-sweeping company might say that to best estimate the price of the service you should measure the square footage of the areas where the phones and the offices are, without taking into consideration any other parts of the corporate building. Depending on the companies you use, the charges can go anywhere from $1.5-$5, with an average cost of $2/sq ft.

 2. Personal bug sweep costs

If you want to use a TSCM bug sweep service for your home, the rate would depend on several factors such as the location of the property, square footage, the type and the number of audio-visual equipment used and the experience of the professional carrying out the work. Prices can range from $1,500 to more than $6,000 for home bug sweeping and if you are concerned about your car being bugged, be prepared to pay around $1,500.

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To save a few bucks, prioritize the most sensitive areas from your home or office, you can also create a list of these areas and share it with the TSCM specialist. Also, the quality of the equipment used is crucial for the best results and so is the experience of the professionals carrying out the work, so make sure you consider this when deciding what service to go for.

You can ask the TSCM expert some questions before deciding to hire them, such as if they have a certification, what type of equipment they use, how many years they have in the business, where they attain their knowledge and if they can provide any references.

What is included in a bug sweep service?

After knowing the average pricing of a bug sweep detection service, let’s see what you can get for it. Keep in mind that the techniques and instruments used depend on the company and individual circumstances. However, some elements generally apply and are used by every professional in the field for both homes and offices.

  • It all starts with a physical examination and search of the home, office or vehicle to detect any bug devices.
  • Identifying Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals.
  • Detecting RF energy emissions from hidden devices.
  • Detecting hidden electronic devices in furniture, ceilings, vents, plants, walls, etc.
  • Identifying GPS trackers in cars.
  • Exposing pinhole camera lenses with the use of an infrared viewer.
  • Electrical and magnetic signal detection.
  • Using a near-field detection receiver to locate eavesdropping devices.
  • Using parabolic microphones to identify voice recording through windows.
  • In some cases, drone recording of the exterior of office buildings or homes to identify possible transmitters.

Why use a service?

Whether you are concerned about your home or office privacy, using a professional service has many advantages.

If you are a business, and you want to avoid your competitors to find out your secrets about a new product launch, for instance, an electronic bug sweep performed at your office can help you keep your company’s secrets safe. Moreover, it can protect you from industrial espionage, which is a big issue in many companies – you can protect your business by checking for bugging devices with the help of professionals. Customer privacy and data protection is vital no matter the industry you work in. Therefore, with a TSCM sweeping service, you can detect any bugs used to collect data and keep the information private. The data protection and privacy issues apply in case your home or vehicle are bugged as well, so if you suspect that your personal information is compromised, talk to licensed private investigators about a debugging service.


The cost of a bug sweeping service depends on many factors, such as the type (commercial or personal), the square footage, or the location of the property. If you are concerned about your safety or suspect someone is spying on you or your family, getting an TSCM expert’s help will get your peace of mind back.

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