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What is high-performance computing?

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Nowadays everyone may have heard about supercomputers and high-performance computing systems. The most famous one is probably the first one to beat the World Chess Master, Gary Kasparov in 1996. High-performance computing (HPC) is collecting computer power to deliver higher performance and gain the ability to process data and perform complex calculations at high speed. To clarify, compared to a laptop or desktop that can perform around 3 billion calculations per second, HPC solutions can perform quadrillions of calculations per second.

The importance of HPC

With continuous technological innovation, more data is created, which means the growing need for faster processing power, streamlined data solutions and storage – all of which can be obtained by using HPC. Supercomputing was used on a large scale in science academia and government but recent years have seen a rise in its use across industries like manufacturing, fintech and retail. Due to the demand and the promising future of HPC, there is a big range of high-performance computing companies on the market that offer innovative HPC solutions.

How does HPC work?

To achieve maximum efficiency, and to build a high-level application architecture, multiple HPC nodes are connected into a cluster, which is connected to the data storage server. HPC clusters can determine AI inference or extreme-scale simulations that might not be computed on a single system. The components of cluster nodes are the same as a laptop or desktop: CPU cores, memory and disk space. It can be stored on-premises, in clouds or in a hybrid space, but the future of HPC seems to be in cloud-based deployments, as it saves businesses huge amounts invested in data centre infrastructure.


With the use of HPC by a wide range of businesses and industries, more innovative research is guaranteed in the future – the global HPC market is expected to reach a staggering 69.82 billion by 2023.

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